Annual Declaration of Pecuniary Interest

Updated following the FGB on 20th November 2017


Name Of Governor

Date Signed

Business Interests

Governor at other schools / education establishments

Relationships with other Governors or staff

Lee Frost

1/10/18 Staff member No None
Guy Fairbairn 1/10/18 None No None
Carol Wylde 1/10/18 Luton Borough Council School Improvement Advisor No None
Anne Gallacher 1/10/18

Staff member

Wilkins Chimney Sweep (Director)

No None
Julie Edwards 1/10/18 Staff member No None
Hazel Ferreira 19/11/18 None No None
Peter Arnold 1/10/18 Husband of childminder in village.  No None
Jo Plumb 1/10/18 None No Chris Galvin (Caretaker) - Partner
Paul Bateman 15/11/18 None No None
Annette Reed 19/11/18 None No None
Melanie Bristow 1/10/18 None No None
Fiona Smith 1/10/18 None No None
Matt Johnson 1/10/18 None No None
Dawn Eastwood 19/11/18 None No None


  • Christian value for July - Justice - builds a community where everyone's well-being is bound up with that of everyone else.

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