Annual Declaration of Pecuniary Interest


Name Of Governor

Date Signed

Business Interests

Governor at other schools / education establishments

Relationships with other Governors or staff

Lee Frost

14/9/20 None No None
Guy Fairbairn 17/11/20 None No None
Carol Wylde 16/11/20 None No None
Anne Gallacher 14/9/20



Julie Edwards 14/9/20 None No None
Hazel Ferreira 16/11/20 None No None
Annette Reed 25/1/21 None No None
Alistair Smith 21/11/21 Yes No None
Michael Ogbechie 21/1/21 None No None


  •  We as a staff give reassurance to our children that we are there for them as Jesus was for his flock. We will care and look after them, we will teach them and do not leave anyone behind.

Strong Foundations
&High Expections