Current diary dates

  • Add Sports Day to your calendar8 Jul 19 - Sports Day
  • Add Last Day of Term to your calendar23 Jul 19 - Last Day of Term
  • Add Training Day to your calendar24 Jul 19 - Training Day

Adding dates to your calendar

Individual Dates
Add dates to your calendarClick the relevant icon to add individual diary dates to your calendar.
In Outlook you will need to click the 'Save' button.

All Dates
Subscribe to calendarSubscribe to our feed to have all of our diary dates automatically appear in Outlook, ical or Gmail.
You will be asked to add our dates to a new calendar in your default programme, and subscribe to updates. This is available to users of Outlook 2007 onwards, Apple's ical, Windows Calendar and other icalendar (.ics) calendars with 'Subscribe to' functionality.

  • Christian value for June - Wisdom - can be described as an ability of discernment or understanding which does not come automatically but is gained from life experience.

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