Governor Remit

GB objective 2017/2018 :

To agree, as a Governing Body, on the future direction and structure of the school to ensure the best outcomes for the pupils of Great Paxton CE School.



Governors’ role

The role of the Governing Body is an intrinsic part of the leadership of the school, although often unseen by parents and other community stakeholders.  This impact statement is one way in which the Governing Body articulate their role in school leadership, the impact which they have had on school improvement and be transparent about their activities.



All members of the Governing Body receive training. The impact of this is that the Governing Body are kept abreast of their responsibilities with regard to the latest requirements and expectations.


Impact of the Full Governing Body meetings

Headteacher’s appraisal

The Governing Body carries out the head teacher’s appraisal annually. Several Governors have undertaken headteacher’s appraisal training and expert assistance was sought from an independent educational advisor. The appraisal process allows us to look closely at the performance of the headteacher, have discussions about areas of strength and weakness in that performance and set new targets against which the headteacher’s performance will be evaluated.

The impact of this is that governors understand the areas to develop the quality of provision in the school.  This enables them to challenge the headteacher on how good practice within school is being shared for whole school benefit and how weaknesses are being addressed.  The different sources of data enable us to triangulate information and ensure that conclusions drawn from various sources are congruent.


Impact of the Standards Committee

Achievement of pupils

Action Impact Evidence
  • Monitor the quality of presentation across the school in response to the Ofsted recommendation and monitor implementation of Presentation policy.
  • Standards of presentation have improved
Governor Book Scrutinies
  • Ensure challenge for more able pupils in maths.
  • Higher percentage of children achieving greater depth
Governor visit in March 2017
  • Review and monitor targets across the school
  • Refining systems for monitoring attainment and progress of pupils

Governor visit reports.

Committee meeting minutes.
  • Monitor attainment and progress of PP and SEN pupils across the school
  • Refining systems for monitoring attainment and progress of pupils
 School Data
  • Ensure successful integration of the preschool
  • Systems in place to work collectively across EYFS
 School Development Plan and Evaluation



Impact of the Resources Committee

Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

Action Impact Evidence
Create aschool budget which reflects a balanced and sustainable budget to ensure the needs of the children on roll are met.

Manageable class sizes in relation to the size of the school.

Building in good condition for its age.

BCR, benchmarking activity, property manager’s report.

Levels of attainment and progress.
Review and reduce the carbon footprint of the school.

Took part in a CCC pilot scheme which involved:

Boilers replaced

Solar panels

Control panel replaced to control heating


Lighting replaced with LED

Reduction in fuel bills, energy certificate for the building to reflect lower energy use.

Contributions of electricity generated back to the national grid and monies received via a feeding tariff.
Carry out SFVS following an established timetable. All finances regulations met. SFVS audit.



Impact of the Faith Matters Committee

Church vision and ethos

Action Impact Evidence
Contributed to the school mission statement Spring, Summer 2015 to include British values as well as the church school vision.  Makes it clear to all that we are a church school who strive to provide not only an excellent education for our pupils but also develop their own values and beliefs, spiritual awareness and high standards of personal behaviour. Published on school website, in school prospectus and shared with the whole school community.
Published on school website, in school prospectus and shared with the whole school community.

School graded good at last inspection March 2015.

SIAMs inspection report.
Produce a  Faith Matters  action plan to be part of the SDP.

To improve acts of collective worship through staff/ governor training.

Governor monitoring of collective worship before and after training to measure impact.
Since Prevent training governor awareness of possible extremist views. Raised concern of religious views held by a charity school is currently supporting. In future support a different charity.  








  • Christian value for July - Justice - builds a community where everyone's well-being is bound up with that of everyone else.

Strong Foundations
&High Expections