myHappymind is a mental health and well-being programme to support children in learning habits to support their own mental health. It does also cover all the mandatory objectives from the DfE Relationship Education Curriculum and also around 70% of the PSHE objectives.


Below is the link to the Parent App Introduction video that you may like to add to your myHappymind page.

Parent App Video link


Further help

Please contact your Customer Happiness Manager if you need any help with the contents of this pack, alternatively, you can email


Want to Learn more

Visit or, if you are interested in delving into more detail we recommend picking up a copy of myHappymind's founders book, My Happy Mind. Just click here to buy.


  •  We as a staff give reassurance to our children that we are there for them as Jesus was for his flock. We will care and look after them, we will teach them and do not leave anyone behind.