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Harvest Festival will take place at Great Paxton Church on Sunday 13th October 2019 @ 11 am.  Donations for St Neots Food Bank will be gratefully received:

Teabags, fruit juice, biscuits, rice pudding, tin fruit, chocolate, rice, tinned tomatoes

People Fully Alive

Towards Ely 2025

In 2013, the diocese adopted a new vision and set of imperatives that we wish becomes the essence of who we are, what we are known by and what we live by, as parishes and people of Cambridgeshire, South Peterborough and West Norfolk.

Underpinning the vision is the development of a new strategy for the diocese that will takes its life forward to 2025.

A diocesan-wide consultation process has been launched and the documents below invite you to be part of that consultation process. The strategy consultation booklet - People Fully Alive - contains an outline of the proposed new strategy.

Here is the link to take part in the consultation:


 The Church


On Tuesday 15th October, Yr 5 and 6 went to the stunning Ely Cathedral.  We had a busy morning learning about Christianity across the world.  We tried on clothes from India and tasted food from Trinidad.  We also learnt traditional dances and were taught Swahili.  


In the afternoon, we worshipped and sang with many children from across the county.  We shared our prayers and thoughts.  This year we were so proud to see on of our children join the orchestra and play his double base whilst we were singing. 


Photos available on the Gallery

On Sunday 13th October we had a beautiful Harvest Service at Great Paxton Church.  Well done to the children who performed a fabulous poem and shared their art work.  Also, plenty of food was collected and this will go to the new Food Bank in St Neots.  After the service there was tea, cakes and great conversation!



Two children were extremely lucky to be able to attend the service at Ely Cathedral on Tuesday 13th May 2014 where our own Reverend Annette was made a 'Canon.'



  • Christian value for July - Justice - builds a community where everyone's well-being is bound up with that of everyone else.

Strong Foundations
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